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PA Ministry


The PA ministry has expanded and introduced 2 new members to the team. Joel and Jana recently joined the team and have progressed and learnt the relevant skills needed to perform their duties well.

From learning the basics of cable management and setting up the stage each Sunday to controlling the PC for Service and the managing the complex PA Board, they have grown and shown that they can independently handle each Sunday with confidence.

Gilda, who has been on the team for a while has shown great leadership. She is imparting and coaching the new members and with her patience and guidance, they have learnt much.

As a whole, the team is progressing with efficiency week after week to handle the AV side of the PA Ministry and we have grown together as a team.


As the church is moving into the new premises with new equipments and systems, it will be a new chapter in our Ministry. The new challenges include learning to grasp and manage the new PA board and system so as to provide good listening experience for the members during worship services and other events.

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