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Worship Ministry

The last 2 years have been challenging but yet fueled with God's grace. 


First, I would like to thank God for fuelling the worship team. Despite not being able to see the congregation, worship still goes on in our homes and in our hearts. 


We welcome Dorothea as our electric guitarist and Stephanie Tay as our bassist. 


Secondly, thank you worship team for not giving up and running the race with perseverance. During our session on the last day of 2021, we met up and I was deeply encouraged by you wanting to

push yourselves to do even better. 


In year 2022, these are some of things we are working on:
Together with some of the worship band members, the worship leaders and singers are going through vocal training fortnightly with a vocal coach. 

We recognize the importance of congregational singing hence, we are also working on the chords to ensure that majority of the congregation is able to sing the songs that we sing. 

As a team, we are working towards the goal of being 'Closer to the Father', hence are trying to meet up more often to have some time together to pray and worship as well as someone to bless us with a message.

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