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Chairman's Message

Dear brothers and sisters in ZLSCC!

ZLSCC has reached her 25th year and is now into her 26th year. We will have the 25th Annual AGM on 21st May, followed by a ZLSCC 25th year anniversary celebration in the June Camp.

How ZLSCC had gone through all these 25 years and running is indeed a great testimony of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness.

Just as in partaking of every Holy Communion, our Lord Jesus commanded us saying that “this cup is the new covenant in My blood…as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.” (1 Corinthians 11:25) and so likewise, as often as we hold the AGM, we hold the AGM in remembrance of the Lord, His goodness and His faithfulness.

Reaching out to the community and to our friends will continue to be ZLSCC’s focus as our obedience to the calling of The Great Commission. We had our Alpha program last year and will continue to do so, possibly with some other outreach programmes according to the council’s sensing from the Lord.

Let us make ZLSCC a strong base for worship and the teaching of His sacred Word – putting these two together, let us be transformed by the renewal of our minds and the strengthening of our faith and spirits to make us His effective workers in reaching out to the community for His kingdom’s sake.

Going forward, my prayer always will be that every ZLSCC member will continue to be faithful in the Lord and for the Lord in His kingdom’s work.

Ong Boon Chuan Patrick

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