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21st agm


we're crossing over

Chairman's Address​

With birthday celebrations come a lot of excitement. There are gifts, the celebrations and the affirmations that you are loved. As important and necessary the celebrations may be, they soon fade into forgotten memories once the celebrations are over. Undoubtedly there is one birthday that will be most celebrated and of major significance to us and that would be our 21st. The year and day when we clearly make it know..."I am an adult!"

At every birthday we reflected on the milestones we have crossed, saying goodbye to the past and turn the page to a new chapter, a new journey that we will be in, filled with deep gratitude for the acts and goodness of God.

Borrowing from that significant turning point in our lives, ZLSCC is 21 this year!

I am excited to say ZLSCC has reached a new milestone. A year to cross over with eventful changes that will come our way. 

To start with and by His grace, the Lord enabled us to move out of Henderson. A journey of faith to a new place in obedience to His call, "You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north..." Deu 2:3

He had faithfully provided beyond what we asked for, beyond our expectations and exceedingly more than what we need. We thank God for His faithful keeping and we could always count on His faithfulness to enable ZLSCC to continue this prayer journey of interceding for the nations and reaching out to the local community.

As we celebrate our 21st, let us cross over in the maturity of faith, press on to love God and love others, a milestone of deep devotion to God and serve with great passion together. Let us usher His presence into the new community and as a church, always seek to fulfil His purpose for His kingdom sake, for His name sake in this new season.

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