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Worship Ministry – “Intimacy with God”

The focus of the worship segment during church service is “Intimacy with God”.


Through worship, the congregation was engaged to continue pursuing a deeper level of intimacy with God. To reinforce the focus of worship, lists of songs were streamlined by Rebecca Lim for the worship leaders to choose from. This also helped new songs to be sung again.

Reinforcing the Focus of worship

To reinforce the focus of worship, lists of songs worship leaders to choose from, were streamlined by Rebecca Lim. In turn, this also helped the introduction of new songs, and allowing them to be sung more often again.


To facilitate worship and intercession, the worship team also ventured into open worship where new songs were sung with reference to the scriptures in hope to achieve a seamless flow.

The worship team also attended workshops conducted by Dr. Juan Lopez to understand how to sing the scriptures.

Edward Ong, after having gone through the internship with Burning Hearts, has been appointed to teach and strengthen the worship team on ‘singing the scriptures’.

Worship leaders and singers were given the opportunity to attend a full-day vocal workshop at RiverLife Church to learn how they could improve on their singing skills.

With the purpose of raising up new musicians to serve in the worship team. The teens were given the opportunity to learn the basics of guitar playing. Weekly training was conducted by Ng Yanwei to transfer his knowledge and skills to the teens.

Desiring for a change, a renewal and then - the harvest.

For 2018, the worship ministry will focus on making worship the highlight; By drawing the congregation into desiring for a change, a renewal and then - the harvest.

The focus of worship will continue to be about, the love of God and, the intimacy with God.

The ministry will continue to be headed by Rebecca Lim.

A Call to Prayer

As we move into a new season of worship where God has called us to be bolder in worship through singing His Words to declare His Praises! Please join us to pray for the following:

1) Unity in the worship ministry where we will enjoy deeper commitments and fellowship with one another as we serve.

2) For God to raise new people with eagerness and a heart of worship to serve Him in this ministry.

3) The worship ministry will continue to position themselves to seek God and desire for more of Him.

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