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Greetings from Shanghai

Sam Tan, Samantha, Emmanuel, Ethan and Enoch

We continue to thank God for 2017 as our entire family witness and taste the goodness of our Heavenly Father bestowed upon our lives.

Acadamic Endevours

It has been a very full year for both Emmanuel & Ethan. Both have to juggle with daily on-line home schooling classes, homework, assignments and at the same time prepare for their SATS exams. By the grace of God and through their hard work plus perseverance, they cleared their SATS exams with good results.

Emmanuel has applied for admission to the local University in Singapore and he will be back in July 2018 to be enlisted into the SAF to serve his National Service. Ethan has cleared one SAT paper and will have to take three more papers in 2018. Enoch is integrating into the on-line home schooling very well too as he is learning to be independent without the presence of Samantha supervising in most of the subjects.

Samantha continues to play an important role at home making sure the children’s basic needs are met. She is still working on her Bachelors’ degree in theology with Zion Ministry. She plays an active role in the cell group and leads worship in the Children’s programme at Thanksgiving English Fellowship Church.

Prayers for mercy

Samuel underwent a knee cap surgery in September 2017 as he suffered a meniscus tear on his left leg. God is merciful, and the meniscus repair was successful and possibly he may still need to undergo another surgery for his torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) as well. He continues to serve as an Elder in Thanksgiving English Fellowship church and coordinates the activities for the Mission Department.

Thoroughly blessed by the Lord

For the past 12 months, the Tan family has been thoroughly blessed by the Lord and his blessing is wholesome, which we are grateful and give praise to the Father of heaven and earth!

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