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MKC Ministry

2020 - 2021

Needless to say that these two years had been filled with changes and disruptions to our weekly lesson plan, activities and manpower.  As we switched to MKC online, we had to limit our children's ages to Primary school age, namely Elias, Joshua and Jethro.

MKC has continued imparting bible values to our kids, weekly/bi-weekly using Zoom meetings and Kahoot online platform.  We were able to carry on our lessons with quizzes, online games, teaching slides, praise songs and online live application discussion and prayers. We were also able to excite the children with Gift-Exchange online (quarterly) with our leaders delivering gifts to the children.

As much as we tried to engage the children through the online platform, there were also technical and learning discipline challenges which compromised the effectiveness of our lessons. Indeed, even as we plant the seeds, we have to trust the Lord to water the seeds and bring them to fruition in God's time and ways. 


Moving forward...2022

As church resumed on-site services, we also resumed MKC on-site to include all our current children (Jethro, Joshua, Elias, Annabeth, Mikaela and Tobias). However, as not all families were ready to meet on-site, MKC tried a fusion of on-site and online lessons with all our children concurrently. This did not work out efficiently and ended up with too many undesirable outcomes.  Thus, we had decided to scale down to just having MKC on-site to streamline our manpower and resources.



Our leaders are truly faithful servants of God who continue to give their talents to sow into God's Kingdom wherever they are placed. Gilda Long and Sarah Khoo have been re-deployed to serve more effectively in the PA ministry for this season. Janice Gay and Rachel Giam have been working hard and making a difference in their own marketplace ministry. Pauline Giam and Steph Tay continue to serve in MKC. Giving all glory to God with grateful hearts!

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