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Worship Ministry

In year 2018, we purposed

1. To learn new worship songs for this season and to learn how to sing through the Word.
2. To bond through our jamming session
3. To raise up new worship singers and musicians

With those goals in mind, we had monthly jamming sessions which allowed us to come together to worship and train the new singers/musicians.

So we are delighted to have and welcome Adia, Dorothea and Jedidiah, our musicians

and also Isaac and Stephanie Long our worship singers to the ministry.

To reinforce and strengthen our understanding of the tools to 'sing the scriptures', we had the privilege to have a special training session with Pastor Rachel Tay in September.

She equipped the singers with the skills to expound the Word and introduced the use of pads sounds to the keyboardists coupling with simple chord progressions for a cohesive worship experience. Through the practical sessions, singing the scriptures was made easy and with impact.

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